Automotive plastics and composites market overview

Automotive plastics and composites market overview

Publication Date: 21-Dec-2022

The focus on lightweighting in the automotive industry has brought the plastics and composites industry into the limelight. The advancements in these two converging material segments will determine how quickly and efficiently automakers can lower the weight of the vehicle.

The transition from fossil-fueled cars to EVs is picking up pace in almost all major automotive markets in the world. While many things will change in the industry with this transition, one thing will remain constant—automakers’ pursuit of improved efficiency from their cars. If anything, this aspiration is only going to get more urgent.

The OEMs are evaluating several solutions to improve the efficiency of the vehicle in terms of production-line proficiency and on-road performance. One of the solutions that is popular with all OEMs is lightweighting. Lightweighting is seen as a multi-pronged solution that can tackle the challenge of reducing tailpipe emissions and improving fuel efficiency without compromising on the performance of the vehicle.

Plastics and composites will play an ever-important role in helping automakers reduce the weight of the vehicle.

This report will take an in-depth look at the various types of plastics and composites that are being used in manufacturing and the various application areas, the advantages they offer, where the challenges lie in their adoption, and the leading suppliers.

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