Automotive simulation: Market growth picture and landscape analysis

Automotive simulation: Market growth picture and landscape analysis

Publication Date: 02-Dec-2022

The S&P Global Mobility automotive simulation report aims to bring a holistic viewpoint on functional simulation trends and forces that influence the automotive industry. It aims to qualify several industry-related questions that have arisen from the surge of CASE (Connected Autonomous, Shared Electric) functional requirements and seeks to answer many questions:

  • Who are the dominant players of the automotive simulation market?
  • How will the automotive simulation market change in the next five years?
  • Which function and application will take a lion’s share of the automotive simulation market?
  • What are the drivers and restraints of the automotive simulation market?
  • Which regional market will show the highest growth rate?
  • What will be the increase and size of the automotive simulation market throughout the forecast period?

These industry questions were answered in this report using primary and secondary market studies together with company surveys and S&P Global analysts expert views.

1. Overview
a) Report scope
b) Research methodology
c) Key takeaways
d) Abbreviations

2. Introduction
a) Automotive simulation
b) Automotive simulation and toolchain
c) Simulation approach types
d) Software in loop (SIL)
e) Hardware in loop (HIL)
f) Vehicle in Loop (VIL)

3. Automotive simulation types
a) Body design
b) Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and safety
c) Hybrid and electric vehicles
d) Whole-vehicle simulation
e) Advanced lighting system

4. S&P Global Mobility 2022 Automotive Simulation Survey
a) Overview
b) Survey summary
c) Survey data analysis

5. Market insights
a) Automotive simulation volume growth
b) Automotive simulation revenue growth
c) Global simulation software market trends between 2021-2028
d) Form factors affecting the simulation market

6. Cloud simulation over local processing
a) Overview
b) Developments in automotive cloud-based simulation

7. Gaming and automotive simulation technologies
a) Overview
b) Top automotive use cases of game engine simulation
c) Industry developments in gaming technologies

8. Data monetization in automotive simulation
a) Overview
b) Synthetic data enters as a game-changer
c) Tesla's role in data monetization
d) Simulation data use cases

9. Automakers' in-house simulation activities
a) Overview

10. Supplier analysis
a) Overview
b) Ansys
d) Cognata
e) Vector
f) Synopsys
g) Foretellix
h) Applied Intuition
i) AVSimulation
j) Keysight Technologies
k) KPIT Technologies

11. Automaker-supplier relationship analysis

12. Conclusion

13. Database
a) Software simulation market tracker Nov 2022

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