How to leverage connectivity for profitability

How to leverage connectivity for profitability

Publication Date: 28-Nov-2022

Connected cars generate a lot of data, and monetization of this data has become one of the most promising profit pools across the industry. As the traditional automotive players seek to transition from hardware to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and subscription businesses, there are new opportunities to be tapped for OEMs, parts suppliers, data aggregators, insurance companies, technology players, aftermarket companies, infrastructure providers, and even governments.

About this report

The research in this report is focused on defining and evaluating the most important connected-car service segments. This report explores the growth of connected-car services and the many revenue streams associated with it. The report also provides a detailed overview of how telematics-driven connected-car services are evolving and how key mobility stakeholders are placed in this value chain.

1. Overview
a) Report summary
b) Research methodology

2. Connected-car data monetization
a) Overview
b) Data monetization trends
c) Value proposition
d) Challenges

3. Connected-car services
a) Overview

4. Market analysis
a) Market drivers
b) TCU bandwidth
c) Global connected-car sales
d) Major connected-services providers

5. OEM analysis
a) Audi and Volkswagen
b) BMW Group
c) Ford
d) General Motors
e) Honda and Acura
f) Hyundai and Kia
g) Mercedes-Benz
h) NIO
i) Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi
j) Stellantis
k) Tesla
l) Toyota
m) Volvo
n) Case study: US vs mainland China
o) Case study: OnStar vs Audi Connect

6. Conclusion


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