Battery and charging startup ecosystem: Opportunities and challenges

Battery and charging startup ecosystem: Opportunities and challenges

Publication Date: 27-Sep-2022

The automotive industry is undergoing a massive evolution in several aspects including connectivity, autonomous, shared, and electric. Startups have become one of the biggest contributors in enabling this multifaceted change. Move towards electric vehicles (EVs) is seen as the most important advancement in the automotive industry.

Two e-mobility domains where startups are most active today are battery technology and charging. Developemnt of new technologies in both these areas will be critical to the development of the EV ecosystem. There are several different technologies that are being developed in battery and charging, which are aimed at making EVs easier and more efficient to use.

The report covers some of the major startups working in the battery and charging domains. It
discusses the new-age technologies within both these domains that can accelerate the uptake of EVs across all the major automotive markets globally. The report reveals the opportunities and challenges that startups working with battery and charging technologies could encounter in the future.

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