MEMS & Sensors for Automotive Market Tracker - 2022 Database

MEMS & Sensors for Automotive Market Tracker - 2022 Database

Publication Date: 20-Sep-2022

This tracker provides insight into the market for MEMS, magnetic, and other silicon sensors used in the automotive industry, focusing on the key factors driving this market, technological trends, and the status of the organizations in this space.

Major families of devices covered include:

  • MEMS sensors including pressure, inertial, flow, infrared, and timing devices
  • Image sensors including cameras
  • Magnetic sensors such as position, speed, and current
  • Light sensors including ambient light, proximity, TOF, and encoders
  • Temperature sensors
  • Radar short- and long-range sensors

Key Issues addressed

  • As the industry recoils strongly from the COVID epidemic, new supply strain complaints and associated pricing dynamics impacting the car industry change the supply chain. How well do suppliers manage this new supply landscape?
  • Are further supply bubbles looming and how long will inventory burning last?
  • How did sensor manufacturers fare? Which companies did better in 2021 and why?
  • Electrification and autonomy: what sensors benefit from this trend? Which sensors are receding and what does this mean for research and development?
  • Emissions update: WLTP and long-term implications for pressure and other sensing.
  • With autonomous driving coming, what kinds of inertial sensors are needed and what are the performance specifications? Are there new autonomy-related applications?
  • What are the effects of functional safety on component average selling prices?
  • How will inflation and shortages impact component prices?

Applicable To

Marketing and Product Managers, Market Analysts, and Executives: MEMS & Sensor Component Manufacturers, MEMS Foundries, Equipment for MEMS, ASIC and Semiconductor Manufacturers

Procurement Managers: OEMs, Tier 1, and Tier 2.

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