Development of new-age automotive coatings

Development of new-age automotive coatings

Publication Date: 07-Jul-2022

Automotive industry is now constantly under pressure to improve the efficiency of its cars to increase the fuel efficiency and reduce the emissions thoughout the lifecycle of the vehicle, right from manufacturing to end-of-life. Different types of coatings, such as antifriction coating, anticorrosion coatings, thermal coatings have always played an important role in achieving this goal.

To meet the tightening emission norms, coating industry has been developing advanced coating solutions that can handle the increased requirements due to engine downsizing, use of newer materials and multimaterial strategies by OEMs.

With megatrends of electrification, autonomous driving, and connected cars catching up, the types of coatings used in a vehicle are also expanding to cater to the new functionalities and requirements. Electromagnetic shielding coating, antiglare coating, antimicrobial coatings are some of the gowing fields of coatings in the automotive industry.

The report takes an in-depth look at all these new developments and analyze the transformation which is underway in the automotive coatings market.

1. Overview
a) Executive summary
b) Research methodology
c) Introduction

2. Technology analysis
a) Overview
b) Thermal coatings
c) Anticorrosion coatings
d) Antifriction coatings
e) Paints
f) Evolving with CASE
g) Sustainability

3. 4. OEM analysis
a) Mercedes-Benz
b) BMW
c) Volkswagen Group
d) Toyota
e) Tesla

4. Supplier analysis
a) PPG
c) Axalta
d) Nippon Paints Automotive Coating (NPAC)

5. Conclusion

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