Where is the brain of autonomous cars?

Where is the brain of autonomous cars?

Publication Date: 06/04/2022

Onboard computing requirements for enabling automated driving features increase considerably with each level of autonomy. This report seeks to explore various computing trends in the automotive industry and the related changes to the automotive EE architectures. Various computing strategies and collaborations followed by OEMs and automated system providers to enable highly automated driving functions are also discussed in this report.

1. Overview
a) Report summary
b) Introduction
c) Definitions
2. Technology analysis
a) Overview
b) Vehicle architecture options
c) The changing role of hardware and software
d) Computing trends
3. Supplier analysis
a) Nvidia
b) Mobileye
c) Qualcomm
d) Huawei
e) Horizon Robotics
f) Samsung
g) Ambarella
h) Continental
i) Bosch
j) Magna
k) Aptiv
4. OEM analysis
a) Tesla
b) Mercedes-BenzGroup
c) GeelyGroup
d) Li Xiang
e) NIO Inc.
f) General Motors
g) Nissan
5. Conclusion

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