In-vehicle infotainment operating systems market tracker - March 2022 update

In-vehicle infotainment operating systems market tracker - March 2022 update

Publication Date: 17-Mar-2022

An in-depth market analysis and forecast of in-vehicle-infotainment operating systems

The key difference compared to the previous version is the slow growth phenomena of OS in-vehicle Infotainment and connectivity functions. The OS volumes are adjusted on two fronts, in previous years especially for 2022 a decline in volume due to COVID-19 production impact. This is in line with IHS Markit light vehicle sales and production forecast. The second front is the ongoing semiconductor issues, IHS Markit highlighted several insights with the head unit volume impacts due to the issues. The ongoing uncertainty will continue to influence future take rates and OS adoption in the head unit system as well as development spending. Furthermore, the ongoing Russia and Ukraine conflict situation causing few software companies to shut down their development centers in that region, as such, the OS software forecast could face further adjustments based on conflicts evolving situation.

AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) and AAOS (Android Automotive OS) are seeing healthy investment growth despite vehicle sales slowdown. This trend will continue until the late mid-term. The market is also witnessing a trend in integrated mix-safety processing within a head unit operating system, which in turn fuelling the growth of multi-operating system development spending growth.

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