When will chips be back on the car menu?

When will chips be back on the car menu?

Publication Date: 28/01/2022

The current chip shortage continues to disrupt auto businesses across the value chain as OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and their suppliers rush to procure reliable chip sources. The supply-chain disruption must be weathered by both automakers and semiconductor manufacturers by aligning their short- and long-term strategies. This report investigates such strategies adopted by OEMs and semiconductor foundries to estimate a probable timeline for normalized supply chain and deliveries.

1. Overview
a) Report summary
b) Research methodology
c) Introduction
2. Market analysis
a) Overview
b) Impact on light vehicle production
c) Automotive chip inventory and path to recovery
d) Automotive chip capacity crunch on old chip technologies beyond 2022
3. Chip manufacturers
a) Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)
b) Intel
c) GlobalFoundries
d) United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC)
e) Samsung
4. OEM analysis
a) Overview
b) Toyota
c) General Motors
d) Tesla
e) Ford
f) VolkswagenGroup
g) Stellantis
5. Conclusion

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