Data monetization

Data monetization

Publication Date: 27-Nov-2020
Number of Pages: 40

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The IHS Markit Connected Car Service provides insight, context, data, and analytics for rapidly growing and evolving automotive connectivity both from a hardware and software perspective. Users can quickly access key insights from market developments, put context around events and technological trends, dive into deep data and forecasts, and seamlessly drive analytics to support their most challenging decisions.

This report explores the growth and importance of connected car data monetization in the automotive industry. The products, technologies, trends, and forecasts for key data monetization segments are included in the report. It contains information about data monetization trends, technology overview, the right to repair regulation, GDPR & CCPA, and forecasts of the key data monetization use-cases.

1. Introduction, scope, and methodology

  • Introduction
  • Research scope
  • Acronyms and abbreviations

2. Data monetization terminology

  • Data monetization overview
  • Data monetization trends

3. Type of vehicle data

  • ECU or technical data
  • Sensor or environmental data
  • Third-party data

4. Data collection methods

  • OBD
  • Embedded connectivity
  • Sensors

5. Vehicle data ownership
6. Connected-car data value proposition

  • Data as an asset
  • Paid services
  • Free services
  • Data as an enterprise value

7. Right-to-repair act

  • US market
  • European market

8. Use-cases

  • Remote access
  • Location-based services including parking, fueling, and charging
  • Marketplace or In-vehicle commerce
  • Remote diagnostic
  • Insurance

9. Safety, security, and privacy

  • Overview
  • Data regulation/legal aspects

10. Automotive cloud

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft
  • Google Cloud
  • Huawei Cloud

11. Challenges

  • Legal challenges
  • Data mining/extraction challenges
  • Consumer challenges
  • A break from traditional methods is required
  • Technical barriers
  • Safety and privacy

12. Conclusion

Aseem Uppal

Aseem Uppal is a Senior Analyst at IHS Markit responsible for Connected Car service within the Auto Component and Technology division. He is responsible for performing research, analysis, and developing/maintaining forecasts covering both connected car hardware and software. Additionally, he writes industry reports on topics such as over-the-air (OTA) updates, automotive cybersecurity, data monetization, usage-based insurance (UBI), automotive software, telematics, and more. He is also responsible for speaking on the topics related to connected car and automotive technologies at internal and external conferences.

Aseem holds more than six years of experience in automotive technologies, intellectual property (IP), and telecommunications. He graduated from University of Bath, UK with a Master's Degree in Digital Communications.

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