2019 Automotive connected services and apps consumer analysis

2019 Automotive connected services and apps consumer analysis

Publication Date: 16-Dec-2019
Number of Pages: 142

IHS Markit Consumer Survey reports and companion databases indicate that innovative technologies, new services, and increased connectivity are key deciding factors when considering a new vehicle purchase.

The surveys take input from 8,000 vehicle owners intending to purchase a new vehicle within the next 36 months, across eight key automotive markets— the United States, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, India (new), Brazil (new) and South Korea (new).

Updated annually since 2013, IHS Markit Consumer Surveys offer three surveys on new car intenders:

  • Automotive Connected Car Consumer Analysis
  • Automotive User Experience Consumer Analysis
  • Automotive E-Mobility Analysis (new)

These surveys enable you to:

  • Identify which services and features are must-haves for consumers intending to purchase a new vehicle for personal use in the next three years
  • Understand the propensity of consumers who would be willing to pay for these advanced technologies and assess how much they would be willing to spend
  • Anticipate market needs for new solutions

Consumer Insight reports published before 2020 are published in downloadable PDF format.

Today’s consumers demand that their infotainment system have connected features, such as emergency response notification, remote vehicle controls, turn-by-turn navigation, Wi-Fi, telemetry services, and more. IHS Markit estimates that some 158 million total vehicles are connected today and that 438 million will be connected by 2023.

Today’s consumers expect a fresh software experience throughout the duration of ownership and for performance lag and bugs to be resolved through speedy over-the-air updates and ongoing software enhancements. Today, this is an engrained customer expectation
largely driven by their experiences within the mobile space. This means automotive-centric apps and connected solutions that mimic what the consumer is used to in the mobile-, smart home-, wearable technology-, and PC- space is paramount to automakers facing a growing threat from IT companies who are entering the automotive space, like Google and Apple.

The Automotive Connected Car Consumer Analysis survey will identify:

Connected hardware
Consumer sentiments, purchasing intent, and subscription intent for the following:

  • Navigation systems
  • Remote start
  • Infotainment systems
  • Telematics
  • In-car Wi-Fi
  • Key-as-a-service
  • Over-the-air updates
  • In-car payments
  • In-car commerce/apps store
  • Usage-based insurance

Apps in the car
Consumer behavior and attitudinal positions for the following:

  • Smartphone brand ownership
  • Smartphone OS type
  • Mobile carrier information
  • Types of apps used on a tethered smartphone in the car
  • Frequency of usage of smartphone-based navigation apps
  • Embedded apps in the car ‒ Security and privacy concerns

Platform information
Consumer sentiments and purchasing intent around the following platforms:

  • Android Auto
  • Apple CarPlay
  • MirrorLink
  • SYNC AppLink
  • Baidu CarLife

Willingness to pay and desirability related to:

  • Tolls and parking
  • Drive-thru purchases
  • Car payments from the vehicle
  • Usage-based insurance
  • Telematics service renewal
  • Paid OTA updates
  • Satellite radio/DAB radio
  • Subscriptions

Autonomy and urban mobility

  • Self-driving car desirability
  • Attitudes toward self-driving cars
  • Urban mobility driver behavior and intent

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  • E-Mobility
  • Powertrain Component

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