Transmission component systems lightweighting report

Transmission component systems lightweighting report

Publication Date: 29/11/2019

Within the powertrain system, the transmission system can weigh from 5% to 10% of the entire weight of the vehicle. The weight of the transmission component system can vary from as low as 45 kg to around 200 kg, depending on the combination of technology, speed, and torque control mechanisms, as well as specific vehicle requirements. The transmission components are exposed to a variety of fatigue and stress forces through contact and inertia. Therefore, besides the material and manufacturing processes, lightweighting efforts for the transmission system need to consider the friction and wear forces.

The report aims to provide a holistic view of material preferences and the various lightweighting methods in the industry across different OEMs for the component. The component subsystems discussed include the shafts, gears, clutch assembly, and the transmission cases, along with some peripherals. The report also provides some early findings from an ongoing materials research project at IHS Markit regarding transmission component materials.


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