Automotive Cybersecurity Report

Automotive Cybersecurity Report

Publication Date: 22-May-2018

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Please note that the forecast was updated in May 2018. The report was last updated in November 2017.

Automakers are offering greater connectivity features in new vehicles to make driving safer and more enjoyable. Ford, for example, announced last week that all its new vehicles sold in the United States would have connectivity features by 2019; for other major markets, the automaker expects 90% of its new vehicles to have connectivity features by the end of this decade. Other major automakers are also focusing on offering greater connectivity in vehicles, driven by growing consumer demand for features such as Wi-Fi hotspot, turn-by-turn navigation, emergency response notification, remote vehicle controls, telematics services, and more.

This report covers the global market for cyber security measures for embedded wireless systems, physical systems, and cyber -physical systems, in the car. The paper covers some of the aspects that necessitate the need for cyber security measures, such as attack surfaces, threat models, and attack vectors. This includes a brief history of current reported cyber security attacks. The report also outlines a brief technical overview of current cyber security solutions, such as advanced intrusion detection firewalls for the telematics control module and intrusion detection and prevention systems for the powertrain control module and infotainment systems.

This report also gives an overview of some of the major suppliers and what OEM activities are happening. Finally, the paper outlines the potential growth in this segment through a sales forecast and through projected revenue potential for would-be suppliers. While hardware hardening—such as secured storage, secured boot, cryptographic accelerators, and hardware security modules—are vital to a “security in depth” strategy, this report is primarily focused on the software perspective of cyber security. This means a primary focus on firewalls, intrusion detection system or intrusion detection and prevention system, and security forensics and analysis through a security operations center.

This report is applicable to OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, telecom providers, IT companies, software developers, software vendors, and emerging pure-play automotive cyber security start-ups. Technical requirements for hardware security and some suppliers will be outlined, but there is no related forecast for hardware security in this report.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary       

Market Drivers

Standards and Compliance
Industry Actors                
Standards-development Organization Best Practices and Standards        
Standards-development Organizations Platforms            

Attack Surfaces

Vehicle Bus Networks   
Primary Controllers        
Wireless Connections   
Physical Protocols           

Threat Models


Attack Vectors


Cybersecurity Solutions


Supplier Analysis


Tier-1 supplier profiles

OEM Activities



Segment Forecasts
Revenue Forecasts        



Colin Bird Colin Bird

Colin Bird is the senior analyst with IHS Automotive, primarily focusing on the Services, Apps, and Software (SAS) service. He assists with client requests, database work and with presenting at major conferences and trade shows as it relates to SAS. Colin also manages IHS Automotive consumer surveys for Connected Car and Premium Audio, including behavioral and attitudinal questions regarding in-car electronic systems and services.

Prior to joining IHS, Colin worked for Mintel, a market research firm, as an automotive analyst focusing on consumer behaviors and attitudes as it related to light-vehicle retailing, hybrids & EVs, motorcycles, vehicle financing, and auto service care, among other subjects. In addition to Mintel, he previously worked for as an automotive editor in automotive research/media publishing.

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