E-motor technology and the evolution of the e-Axle

Technology Trends

Electric vehicles are here, and seemingly here to stay. But many of us are expectantly awaiting more affordable models, more breadth of choice and more real-world range.

Electric motor developments will be critical to this, so who better to discuss this with than one of the industry’s leading development consultancies?

In this episode of Autology, S&P Global Mobility’s Director of Electrification Technology Research Graham Evans is joined by Jason Schneider, Team Lead - Electrified Powertrain and Paul Sims, Chief Technical Specialist - Electric Machines of Drive System Design.

Anna Buettner poses the questions as they discuss electric motor technology trends, electrification development challenges, changing project deliverables and potential industry bottlenecks.

Tune in to hear independent, technical and objective perspectives around one of the automotive industry’s most pressing and dynamic engineering challenges.


  • Jason Schneider, Team Lead - Electrified Powertrain, Drive System Design
  • Paul Sims, Chief Technical Specialist - Electric Machines, Drive System Design
  • Graham Evans, Director of Electrification Technology Research, S&P Global Mobility

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