KITT for cars – Making AI a reality

Technology Trends

Imagine a world where you can have a conversation with your car – ask it to find an alternative traffic-free route home or for it to actively warn you that the front-left tire is low on air, or even perhaps a quick-witted exchange in true Knight Rider KITT style!

That seemingly fiction technology could soon be coming to a car near you with OEMs currently developing AI-powered large-language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT for in-vehicle use.

In this Autology episode, our experts discuss the real-world benefits of LLM integration as well as the challenges car makers, suppliers and AI companies need to overcome in order to roll out the technology successfully and without controversies such as privacy issues as well as the nuances of the LLM providing the ‘correct’ solution.

Tune in to find out who the early adopters are in the automotive market, whether or not our experts believe that LLMs and personalized voice assistants are just a fad, and much more.


  • Venkat V, Head of Strategy, Connected vehicle practice, KPIT
  • Vivek Beriwal, Connected car and UI/UX analyst, S&P Global Mobility

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