Robot wars - Why Android is beating the competition

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With connectivity playing a pivotal role in new car experiences, IHS Markit looks at the major player set to dominate the infotainment market—Android.

Google has a full suite of offerings under its automotive ecosystem with Android Automotive OS supporting Google Automotive Services (GAS), Generic Android core system that OEMs can build upon, the widely popular projection platform Android Auto, as well as Google Cloud. It has already secured business from the likes of Ford, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Stellantis, General Motors and Volvo.

We ask why Android is beating the competition, and if this will have ramifications on the smartphone industry, for example, will consumers move more toward an Android phone to align with their car software?

And then there’s the question of where this is leading—with Apple touted to launch its own vehicle through its Project Titan, can we expect an Android car as well? Find out all in this week’s episode of Autology.


  • Elisha Thakorlal, OEM Strategy expert at IHS Markit
  • Brian Rhodes, Connected Car & Vehicle Experience manager at IHS Markit
  • Aseem Uppal, Connected Car expert at IHS Markit

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