12V batteries part II: Low voltage batteries for an electrified future

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On this week’s Autology podcast, S&P Global Mobility host industry experts from Clarios as we dive deeper on the topic of 12V batteries in this multi-part series.

Electrified vehicles, including full battery electric vehicles, will continue to require a 12V battery for myriad features and ancillary applications onboard. With increasing connected and intelligent vehicles coming to market, S&P Global Mobility expects demand for 12V batteries to continue to grow until at least 2025. Depending on the requirements and performance characteristics, these batteries can be either lead acid or lithium ion. 

As an industry-leading provider of 12V flooded, advanced AGM (absorbent glass mat) lead acid batteries as well as 12V lithium-ion, Clarios experts help outline some of the key development areas and advanced content in state of the art lead acid technology, as well as the technical characteristics and use cases of lithium ion technology, shedding light on the technical decision making of the Automotive OEMs.

Tune in to hear perspectives from thought leaders in this evolving technology space as we mate S&P Global Mobility data with the perspectives of those at the forefront of product development.


  • Graham Evans – Director, Supply Chain and Technology - S&P Global Mobility
  • Eric Michelutti – Director, Lithium-Ion Technology – Clarios
  • Wei Song – Director, AGM Technology – Clarios

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