Megacasting on the rise: Dreaming big?

New Product Development

In this week’s episode of Autology, S&P Global Mobility experts deep-dive into one of the hottest topics in today’s vehicle manufacturing industry: Megacasting.

Quite a lot has been said about this new way of approaching automobile manufacturing, with important OEMs like Tesla adopting this technique so as to manufacture vehicle structures using very few castings, as compared to the traditional stamping & joining method.

S&P Global Mobility experts try to shed light on the tenets of this interesting topic – such as how this technique differs with respect to the traditional methods, driving factors that are pushing the adoption of this new method of building vehicle structures, and how feasible megacasting is for car makers.

The speakers also offer a financial comparison between the traditional manufacturing processes and the megacasting approach, analyzing what this could mean for different OEMs.

Tune in to hear the answers and much more!


  • Paolo Martino – Director, Materials & Vehicle Dynamics at S&P Global Mobility
  • Mengyin Tao – Principal Research Analyst, Materials & Vehicle Dynamics at S&P Global Mobility
  • Pranav Divakar – Senior Associate at S&P Global Mobility (Moderator)

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