Are premium in-car audio experiences becoming more mainstream?

Technology Trends

This week’s episode delves into how in-car audio and sound management technologies continue to evolve with the megatrends of electrification, connectivity, and shared mobility. To meet the challenges arising from electrification and lightweighting, automakers are looking for audio systems that allow significant savings in terms of weight and space as well as more flexibility in terms of cockpit design. Automakers now cater to a wider range of car buyers by employing a selective audio sourcing approach and creating subtle variations in the quality of audio systems they offer. Software has become indispensable to the car today and active sound management applications are no different, be it use cases like engine sound enhancement, conversation enhancement, or various signal processing algorithms.

We also discuss how consumer electronic technologies have spilled over to the car cabin, with Active Noise Cancellation and Surround Sound in particular becoming the hallmark of premium audio experience for automobiles.


  • Vivek Beriwal, connected car and vehicle experience analyst, S&P Global Mobility
  • Riley Winton, Senior Manager, UX Concept, HARMAN

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