Chips ahoy! Making up the chip shortfall

Technology Trends

This year has seen the automotive industry come to a halt—with various OEMs pausing their vehicle production all over the world—due to a small but vital missing piece: chips.

While the shortage may seemingly be backfilled for now, IHS Markit experts reveal why this supply-demand issue is yet to cause some further disruption.   

Find out how and when the global chip famine will recover in this week’s episode of Autology, including who the major stakeholders will be in producing the component—as well as the governments and regions leading the charge.

We also discuss how the technology is expected to develop in the long term, and answer the all-important question of whether or not there will be a continual spike in demand come Q4 every year when the consumer electronics industry ramps up their own use of chips.


  • Elisha Thakorlal, OEM Strategy expert at IHS Markit
  • Jeremie Bouchaud, Director of Autonomy and E/E & Semiconductor at IHS Markit
  • Phil Amsrud, E/E & Semiconductor expert at IHS Markit

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