Chip crisis – The never-ending story?

Technology Trends

In this week’s episode of Autology, experts from S&P Global Mobility discuss the current state of the ongoing semiconductor shortage that has roiled the automotive industry for more than two years now.

We will talk about the impact of the recent announcements around fab expansions from various suppliers and discuss the asset light approach. Furthermore, we will discuss what steps OEMs are taking to overcome chip shortages, what role raw materials play and of course provide answers to the most important question of when this shortage will be resolved.   

Tune in to find out the answers, and much more!


  • Anna H. Buettner, Principal Analyst – Connected Car & Vehicle Experience at S&P Global Mobility
  • Phil Amsrud, Senior Principal Analyst – E/E & Semiconductor at S&P Global Mobility
  • Nimish Ashar, Associate Director - E/E & Semiconductor at S&P Global Mobility

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