Wait, so where will I charge my EV?

Technology Trends

In this week’s episode of Autology, experts from S&P Global Mobility and Parkopedia discuss the current landscape of the EV charging infrastructure and how this is expected to change over the next few years.

We will talk about the importance of accurate parking information and challenges the automotive industry has yet to overcome, when it comes to the charging infrastructure and wider EV adoption?

And our guest from Parkopedia will share a fun fact that you, our listeners, may not be aware of, when it comes to parking data!

Tune in to find out the answers, and much more!


  • Anna H. Buettner, Principal Analyst – Connected Car & Vehicle Experience at S&P Global Mobility
  • Claudio Vittori, Associate Manager – E-Mobility at S&P Global Mobility
  • Adam Woolway, Head of EV at Parkopedia

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