NYIAS 2022 review

New Product Development

In this week’s episode of Autology, S&P Global Mobility experts discuss key takeaways and noteworthy sightings from the New York International Auto Show. NYIAS is back after a two-year pause and we will cover topics such as the dominance of EVs and why there is an increasing emphasis on experiences rather than just cars.

With many established OEMs backing out, what role do startups play and what are automakers and show organizers doing to get people out of their homes and into convention centers.

And what is NYIAS trying to morph into, traditionally being the show of luxury vehicles?

Tune in to find out the answers, and much more!


  • Anna H. Buettner, Principal Analyst – Connected Car at S&P Global Mobility
  • Stephanie Brinley, Principal Analyst – Automotive Advisory at S&P Global Mobility
  • Colin Bird-Martinez, Consultant Principal - Auto Intelligence at S&P Global Mobility

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