Why driverless cars will never roam Roman roads

Technology Trends

In this week’s episode of Autology, we discuss how and when autonomous vehicles will penetrate markets, understanding things such as technical, regional and consumer acceptance challenges.

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) has gained momentum over the years and OEMs are keen to upgrade cars with more advanced safety features. Ubiquitous connectivity is expected to accelerate the roll out of autonomous vehicles, which will play an integral part of future smart cities.

In order to get there, automotive industry players and municipalities need to understand how to bring people, technology and policy together.

And even if the latter two challenges can be overcome, consumer acceptance might remain the biggest hurdle yet–points that are explored in the podcast, alongside when and where autonomous vehicles are expected to take off first.


  • Karen Lightman, Executive Director of Metro21 Smart Cities Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jim Misener, V2X ecosystem lead at Qualcomm
  • Anna Buettner, Connected Car expert at IHS Markit
  • Brock Walquist, Autonomy expert at IHS Markit

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