Moving in the right direction – the next generation of Sat Nav

Technology Trends

In this week’s episode of Autology, IHS Markit experts discuss navigation technology and the next generation of satellite navigation.

We sit down with HERE Technologies to discuss the major trends related to location and how the future looks for embedded vs brought-in navigation. What is the role of the cloud, how important are Over-the Air (OTA) updates and what might the impact of 5G connectivity be on navigation technology?

We also look into map development differences for electric and ICE vehicles, challenges in creating navigation systems for semi/fully autonomous vehicles and ultimately how navigation data standards may evolve moving forward.

Tune in to find out the answers, and much more!


  • Bill Schumacher, Sr. Director, Global Automotive Strategy at HERE Technologies
  • Vivek Beriwal, connected car and user experience expert at IHS Markit

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