Steeling ourselves for supply chain shortages: Is electrical steel next?

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The auto industry discussion of constraints around electric vehicle uptake often centers on the battery and its constituent raw materials.

Meanwhile, the broader semiconductor shortage continues to have a damaging impact on vehicle production output of almost all manufacturers. Yet another, lesser known, supply chain crunch potentially looms around the availability of electrical steel for motors.

In conjunction with industry thought leader and consultant xEL Mobility, this week’s IHS Markit Autology podcast dives in to the specifics of xEV grade electrical steel, how the supply/demand conundrum is shaping up, why we envisage constraints and what might the solutions be.

Tune in today to get the inside track!

⦁    Claudio Vittori, Senior Research Analyst at IHS Markit
⦁    Zach Leveston, President & Managing Principal at xEL Mobility
⦁    Graham Evans, Director Auto Supply Chain & Technology at IHS Markit

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