Will consumers be over the moon about over-the-air updates?

Technology Trends

In this week’s episode of Autology, we discuss over-the-air (OTA) updates and what they actually mean for the consumer with our special guest Omkar Panse, vice-president at KPIT Technologies.

This includes passenger-facing benefits such as improved maps and infotainment, as well as more practical maintenance updates that could result in an increased ownership period.

However, OTA also brings the need for cybersecurity – tune in to find out what is being done to help stop your car from being hacked, in addition to what OEMs are leading the industry with their OTA offerings.


  • Omkar Panse, Vice President and Head of Digital Connected Solutions at KPIT Technologies
  • Aseem Uppal, connected car and UI/UX expert at IHS Markit

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