Red, white and green – Biden’s American EV dream

Policy & Regulation

Following this week’s passing of the United States USD1 trillion infrastructure bill, EV charging is set to benefit from around USD7.5 billion investment.

IHS Markit analysts break down exactly how many chargers, and what types of chargers, this could translate into. Importantly, they also answer the question of whether the funding is sufficient for consumers’ need.

This week’s podcast also investigates if the type of chargers expected to be installed are indeed the correct type of variant required for EV owners, as well as the considering where they will be positioned around the US, and if any futureproofing will be considered with upcoming technologies such as wireless charging.

Tune in to find out how impactful the bill will be for Americans.


  • Graham Evans, e-mobility expert and Supply Chain & Technology director at IHS Markit
  • Colin Bird-Martinez, Consulting Principal in Automotive Advisory at IHS Markit

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