Formula E - Fast tracking the car tech of tomorrow

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In the debut episode of the new Autology podcasts, we discuss how Formula E is driving technology for EVs on the road, including how OEMs-come-race-teams like Nissan and Jaguar Land Rover are applying their learnings in energy regeneration systems to their production vehicles.

The sport has come a long way since the drivers were forced to change vehicles mid-race due to limited battery range, with the upcoming third generation Formula E race car including a fast-charging 350kW battery.

However, the high cost of battery systems is still an issue both on and off the circuit – a point that that is explored in the podcast, alongside when the cost of batteries will be more sustainable.

And then there’s the question if we’ll see the day without Formula 1 and other traditionally fueled racing car series? Tune in to reveal all, including the predicted year which our experts think will mark the end of the internal combustion engine.


  • Frederic Espinos, Sporting Director at Formula E
  • Elisha Thakorlal, OEM strategy expert at IHS Markit
  • Dr. Richard Kim, Battery expert at IHS Markit

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