Staying cool - How much driving range will the A/C drain on my EV?

Technology Trends

It’s no secret that we expect certain freedoms from our automobiles. The ability to drive long distances and complete journeys in comfort, regardless of the weather outside, is a key prerequisite.

We know that the climate control systems of battery electric vehicles do indeed affect the driving range – but just how much of an impact is it? And in a world that is beginning to wage a war against climate change, how is the cabin comfort of BEVs being optimized without being detrimental to our planet?

IHS Markit’s thermal management experts aim to find out what the new innovations are, and what we can expect from the technologies and suppliers that are working to ensure that electric car owners won’t have to compromise range for comfort.


  • Matteo Martini, principal research analyst of Thermal Management at IHS Markit
  • Jie Yang, thermal expert at IHS Markit
  • Pranav Divakar, thermal expert at IHS Markit

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