Chain reaction – Is e-mobility threatening auto suppliers?

Technology Trends

This week’s episode explores how the move towards a greener society is negatively impacting the automotive industry – in particular, for the companies who manufacture and supply car parts.

As the European Commission rolls out its Green Deal – a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to levels in 1990 – OEMs are being forced down the fully electric vehicle narrative.

While the environment will benefit, the automotive supply chain is shrinking as carmakers manufacture e-mobility components in-house and new partnerships between suppliers and OEMs are consolidating the industry.

Autology’s special guest Sigrid de Vries, secretary general of CLEPA (the European Association of Automotive Suppliers) explains how the EU’s deadlines are worrying for her members and how more should be done to protect those companies losing out from the bloc’s move towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

While Matteo Fini, IHS Markit’s vice president of Automotive SCT (Supply Chain and Technology) and Aftermarket, also reveals which suppliers will likely be the winners and losers from electrification.


  • Sigrid de Vries, secretary general of CLEPA
  • Matteo Fini, vice president of Automotive SCT and Aftermarket at IHS Markit

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