What is an e-axle and why is it so crucial for EVs?

Technology Trends

Tune into this week’s Autology podcast to find out how electric vehicles (EVs) are powered and how their underpinnings will develop in the years to come.

IHS Markit’s e-mobility director Graham Evans teams up with American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM)’s head of electrification business Tony Pistagnesi in an explain-all about e-axles.

Find out how the Tier-1 supplier is also planning to create more highly efficient, power dense and compact infrastructure, and also why AAM believes electrified beam axles will be a major technology demand in the near future.


  • Graham Evans, E-Mobility research and analysis director at IHS Markit
  • Tony Pistagnesi, head of electrification business at American Axle & Manufacturing

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