ADAS will evolve into an affordable and indispensable component of vehicles, says Tata Technologies' associate VP

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ATI News Team

Tata Technologies' associate VP Sandeep Terwad discusses the ADAS evolution, regulatory challenges, and the impact of AI in the automotive sector's future

As reported by Autocar Professional on July 7, Sandeep Terwad, the associate vice president (VP) of Tata Technologies, has provided insights on the effect of software-led innovation in the automotive sector, highlighting the shift of vehicles into edge devices in the internet of things realm. Terwad underscored the evolution of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) technologies from basic safety features to sophisticated AI-powered systems that enhance road safety and pave the way for autonomous mobility. He mentioned the enhancement in sensor technologies like radars and lidars, which, along with AI and machine learning, improve the decision-making and predictive capabilities of ADAS systems.

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