ZF Annotate uses AI for the development of ADAS and autonomous driving systems

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ATI News Team

Cloud-based reference system with object and roadway data for the development and quality assurance of advanced assistance systems (ADAS and autonomous driving)

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According to a press release on June 17, ZF unveiled its cloud-based and AI-enabled validation service, ZF Annotate, at the ZF Global Technology Day on June 27, 2024. This innovative service aims to enhance the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

ZF Annotate utilizes AI to accurately mark, classify, attribute, and assign unique ID numbers to relevant objects in the vehicle's environment. By comparing the collected sensor information with a reliable reference sensor set, ZF Annotate increases the accuracy of ADAS and autonomous driving systems. The service significantly accelerates the validation process, reducing annotation time from 12 months to two months and saving customers time and money.

Unlike previous systems, ZF Annotate provides 3D annotation, adding height information to the data. This makes it a unique and intelligent solution in the industry. The cloud-based service operates 24/7, completing the validation of reference data in a remarkably short time without compromising quality.

ZF Annotate offers flexibility in application, allowing it to be used with various sensor manufacturers and in various vehicle classes. It supports the validation process and contributes to the development of reliable and efficient ADAS.

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