Inrix to test GenAI-powered solution for California's roadway safety

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Caltrans selects Inrix to trial a GenAI tool — Inrix Compass — aimed at improving road safety through data analysis and predictive analytics

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Inrix Inc. was selected by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to test a generative AI (GenAI)- powered solution aimed at improving safety for vulnerable roadway users (VRU), as reported in a press release on June 12.

The solution utilizes Inrix Compass, an AI-powered technology, and Inrix's 20-year proprietary data lake to identify safety challenges across Caltrans' state highway network and propose improvements. The solution will incorporate safety-based datasets including speed distributions, crashes, volumes, near-miss events, and abrupt maneuvers such as hard braking and cornering, as well as statewide datasets, to help identify and address risk factors and safety patterns on the roads.

The solution is trained on real-time and historical data, as well as industry research, to provide a systemic, safety-based methodology for risk assessment, location prioritization and project implementation. Inrix Compass allows users to easily identify and prioritize locations with systemic risk factors, and provide prioritized recommendations for operational and design solutions based on industry knowledge. The GenAI technology represents a significant advancement in transportation innovation, providing Caltrans with actionable insights and predictive analytics to improve safety for VRUs statewide.

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