Applied Intuition and Audi partner on unified solution for automated driving release and life cycle management

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ATI News Team

The framework will set a new benchmark for the safe validation and deployment of automated driving functions.

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Vehicle software supplier Applied Intuition and Audi have joined forces to develop a unified solution for the development, validation, type approval and deployment of automated driving systems for the Audi Group, according to a press release on April 23.

This collaboration aims to establish a new benchmark for validating and releasing AD functions with top-tier safety across an expanded operational design domain, or ODD. The solution, which is independent and future-proof, can be used across different automated driving stacks within the Audi Group.

The complexity of automated driving functions, combined with disparate tooling, often results in slow and costly development processes. To address this challenge, Applied Intuition and Audi have expanded the former’s end-to-end simulation and data management solutions with specialized applications developed jointly by both companies. This unified framework leverages Audi’s expertise in scenario-based systems engineering and Applied Intuition’s proficiency in software engineering to deliver an automated driving release and life cycle management solution.

The companies say the solution is designed to be applicable to other automotive equipment manufacturers in the future.

Dr Eng. Gero Kempf, executive VP for ADAS/AD (advanced driver assistance systems/automated driving) in the engineering department at Audi, said, “In compliance with AD regulations, Applied Intuition’s solution allows us to highly automate our scenario-based, data-driven engineering workflows and adapt jointly developed applications as white-box solutions for the overall management of high-performance, safety-critical AD [automated driving] systems.”

Qasar Younis, co-founder and CEO of Applied Intuition, said, “Applied Intuition and Audi’s joint solution is critical to ensuring AD [automated driving] software safety. With unified applications, a data-driven approach, automated testing and cloud-based collaboration, our unified framework allows Audi to validate, certify and bring next-generation AD systems to market faster.”

Applied Intuition and Audi plan to roll out new functionalities over the course of their partnership.

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