Wind River advances software-defined vehicle innovation with AWS-based platform

Software-Defined Vehicles
ATI News Team

The platform is being showcased at the Santa Clara AWS Prototyping and Innovation Lab

Source: Getty Images/metamorworks

Wind River, a global leader in delivering software for mission-critical intelligent systems, has advanced software-defined vehicle innovation with its cutting-edge Wind River Studio Developer offering, now available running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The platform is being showcased at the Santa Clara AWS Prototyping and Innovation Lab. Wind River Studio Developer is an edge-to-cloud, flexible and open DevOps platform that enables higher developer productivity, operational quality and efficiency, along with faster time to market. Customers can install Studio on AWS and reap the benefits of cloud-scale automated build and test for safety-critical embedded edge platforms. On AWS, Studio combines the scalability and collaboration of the cloud with a broad range of applications and interfaces required for life-cycle management.

The demonstration at the AWS Prototyping and Innovation Lab in Santa Clara, Calif., showcases the cloud-native development and deployment of software updates to the connected car. The automotive demo of Studio running on AWS showcases the benefits of increased productivity with an optimized end-to-end embedded software development experience.

It takes a user through development, testing and deployment of applications for software-defined vehicles. Specifically, the Studio software leverages Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and demonstrates building, testing and deploying software to a vehicle while also showcasing the power of test automation, remote access to test devices and over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Wind River is a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and is also provisioning Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for its edge portfolio in AWS Marketplace. This allows developers to get started within minutes on a cloud development environment for embedded devices, instead of needing to setup a local development environment on their own machines.

Wind River Linux, the industry's most advanced embedded Linux development platform, with a comprehensive suite of products, tools and life-cycle services to build and support intelligent edge devices.

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