Jaguar Land Rover to introduce hands-free driving in 2025 with new electric platform

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ATI News Team

JLR to unveil the next-gen Velar with Level 3 hands-off, eyes-off tech in coming months

Source: Getty image/ wakila

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is set to introduce hands-free, eyes-on driving in 2025 with the launch of its first model on the new electric EMA platform, according to a report published by Autocar on March 14. The capability, known as Level 2 plus, is the final step toward autonomous driving, where the car fully takes over.

JLR has adopted US tech specialist Nvidia's Drive chip and software combination for the new Range Rover model, which will be built in Halewood, near Liverpool, UK. The model is the first to use this new technology, although JLR did not confirm whether it is the replacement for the Range Rover Velar. Carmakers believe hands-free capability will become increasingly popular among customers, with many willing to pay monthly for the convenience.

JLR has also committed to offering Level 3 hands-off, eyes-off technology in the future. The first prototype for the electric Velar was spotted testing recently, ahead of a reveal in the coming months.

Details of the next-generation model remain firmly under wraps, but it is tipped to enter production as early as 2024, as the current model approaches the natural end of its life cycle. The next Velar will also be more overt in its positioning as a luxury sport utility vehicle, in line with JLR's ambition to carve out each of its core model lines into distinct brands with their own design languages, values and target markets. 

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