Mobileye and Project 3 Mobility announce collaboration for scalable urban autonomous mobility project

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ATI News Team

Project 3 Mobility and Mobileye aim to revolutionize urban transportation with their fully autonomous electric vehicle, integrating cutting-edge safety and comfort features, and scaling up through partnerships with 12 cities worldwide

Source: Getty/Peera_Sathawirawong

Mobileye and Project 3 Mobility, a Croatian company aiming to revolutionize urban mobility, have announced a collaboration to explore a new mobility service utilizing Mobileye's scalable self-driving technology, according to a press release on Feb. 13. The service is set to launch in Zagreb in 2026, with testing and validation on the streets of the Croatian capital scheduled to begin in 2024.

Project 3 Mobility's mission is to improve transportation in urban areas and provide a safe, effortless, and premium user experience. The company is developing a fully autonomous electric vehicle, which will be integrated with Mobileye technology to enable autonomous driving. The vehicle is built on a new platform designed for safety and comfort, and will utilize the benefits of autonomous driving.

The Mobileye Drive solution, which combines redundant camera and lidar-radar sensing, crowdsourced mapping, and a transparent driving policy, enables Mobileye to offer scalable and adaptable autonomous driving for robotaxis and MaaS providers.

Project 3 Mobility has signed agreements with 9 cities across the EU, UK, and GCC to provide its urban autonomous service, and 30 more cities are planned to follow. The company is also establishing a production facility in Croatia for large-scale production of autonomous vehicles that will be deployed worldwide.

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