L&T Technology Services joins hands with BlackBerry to offer software defined vehicle solutions

Software-Defined Vehicles
ATI News Team

As part of the collaboration, LTTS will leverage BlackBerry QNX automotive solutions to enable software defined vehicles for global OEMs

Source: Getty Images/BeeBright

L&T Technology Services Limited, (LTTS) a pioneering digital engineering and R&D services company, on Feb.13 announced a strategic partnership with BlackBerry, the trusted security software and services company. The collaboration is set to leverage the BlackBerry® QNX® suite of automotive software solutions and enable the development of innovative Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs) for global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The partnership establishes LTTS integrating cutting-edge BlackBerry® technologies – including QNX® Neutrino® OS, QNX® OS for Safety, QNX® Hypervisor, BlackBerry IVY® vehicle data platform, and QNX acoustics middleware – into its service offerings. This will help expedite product time-to-market while ensuring safe and secure mission-critical solutions.

With its widest engineering domain and software expertise in SDVs, LTTS has been enabling OEMs to build innovative next-generation vehicles with tailored solutions focusing on safety and security. The collaboration with BlackBerry serves as a significant milestone in LTTS' ongoing journey to forge partnerships with global tech leaders and deliver top-tier engineering solutions to end customers.

LTTS will deploy industry-leading solutions by BlackBerry in building next-generation SDV platforms on High Performance Compute (HPC) and domain controllers with complex software architectures, and middleware that reduce time-to-market for end-customers significantly. As part of this partnership, LTTS and BlackBerry will also jointly train engineers on QNX OS and QNX Hypervisor platforms.

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