EV Connect to offer Plug and Charge feature via GM vehicle brand apps

Corporate developments

The Plug and Charge technology allows EV drivers to start charging by plugging in their vehicle at a participating station


Further expanding its collaboration with General Motors, electric vehicle charge point operator (CPO) EV Connect announced the availability of Plug and Charge on its network through GM vehicle brand apps, the company said Jan. 16.

GM drivers can now simply plug in and charge their vehicles on the EV Connect network without swiping a payment card or scanning an RFID tag at nearly 200 compatible DC fast chargers nationwide, the company said, adding that it plans to add more Plug and Charge capable EV charging stations to its network through 2024.

Notably, the Plug and Charge technology allows drivers who opt-in through a one-time enrollment within a GM vehicle brand app to start charging by plugging in their vehicle at a participating station. Plug and Charge-enabled stations are identifiable through a filter in GM vehicle brand apps, allowing drivers to locate and use charging stations quickly.

EV Connect said that by helping to simplify EV public charging, drivers will be able to access a hassle-free, fast-charging process, spend less time initiating charging sessions and avoid scanning, swiping or inputting billing information.

Commenting on the new convenient charging feature, Jon Leicester, vice president, head of Commercial, EV Connect, said, “This collaboration helps to relieve GM EV drivers from one of the most common friction points of the charging process, enhancing the EV ownership experience, and holds the potential to drive EV adoption further. EV Connect and GM share a mission to simplify the EV ownership experience, and this agreement is another important step in that direction. I am delighted to continue our work with GM toward making EV charging hassle-free and convenient.”

It is known that EV Connect is a preferred GM charge station operator, offering innovative EV charging management solutions, including advanced data analytics and 24/7 customer support, to charging stations at GM dealerships across North America.

EV Connect is also part of GM's holistic public charging ecosystem, which includes GM EV drivers having access to approximately 3,500 EV Connect public chargers and the ability to conveniently start a charging session and make contact-free payments after fueling.

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