L&T Technology accelerates transition to smart vehicles with AWS generative AI

Software-Defined Vehicles
ATI News Team

Leveraging AWS helps automakers in the development of SDVs with tailored safety and security solutions

Source: Getty Images Plus/ kaptnali

L&T Technology Services (LTTS), a leading global digital engineering and research and development (R&D) services company based in India, announced that it is leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help global automotive manufacturers accelerate the transition toward software-defined vehicles (SDVs) using generative AI, according to a company press release dated Oct. 31.

SDVs rely heavily on software to control and manage their operations, including performance and comfort, with the use of sensors and computer systems to make driving safer and more efficient. These digitally enabled vehicles can help drive significant improvements to safety, security, entertainment and convenience with software updates over-the-air (OTA) from the cloud, allowing drivers to receive continued value from their vehicles even after purchase.

According to LTTS, leveraging AWS helps vehicle manufacturers worldwide accelerate the development of next-generation SDVs with tailored safety and security solutions, covering digital cockpit, connected services and autonomous driving. LTTS has accelerated the time to launch new products by 25% with virtual workbenches on AWS to develop and test new software for vehicle electronic control units, which control a car’s operation.

LTTS uses Amazon CodeWhisperer as the preferred development environment for engineering teams. Providing AI-powered code recommendations in real time, Amazon CodeWhisperer helps LTTS engineers to rapidly develop smart applications such as driver warnings, automated braking and steering functions designed to improve a vehicle’s performance on the road. This will allow fleet managers, maintenance staff and other stakeholders to interact with and access details of the car via large language models built on AWS.

The company also uses Amazon Bedrock — a fully managed service for accessing an array of leading foundation models, and building and scaling generative AI applications — to implement cloud-based, vehicle-test automation. Amazon Bedrock also allows the reuse of proven, good quality, safety-compliance code, to further reduce the time needed to develop new software applications. With AWS internet-of-things (IoT) FleetWise, a service that makes it easier for automotive companies to collect, transform and transfer vehicle data to the cloud in near real time, LTTS can improve vehicle quality, safety and autonomy.

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