Car Cutaways

August 2023

Car Cutaway

Welcome to the AutoTechinsight Car Cutaways program.

To be a part of Car Cutaways, please submit component/parts/modules/systems/technology information that your company supplies to the vehicles listed in the table below. 

For first-time respondents, by clicking on Start Survey, as a one-time activity you will be directed to create a Login profile. The same Login credentials can be used every time you submit responses for future surveys. 

If you have registered already, please enter your credentials and start the survey now!

August 2023 survey models
Europe North America Rest of World
Mercedes-Benz CLE
(Platform: MRA MID-SIZE; Program: C236; Assembled: Bremen #1, Germany; SOP: October 2023)
Toyota Tacoma
(Platform: GA-F; Program: 920B; Assembled: Guanajuato, Mexico; SOP: December 2023)
Lynk&Co 07
(Platform: CMA; Program: DX11; Assembled: Ningbo, Mainland China; SOP: March 2023)
Volkswagen ID.3
(Platform: MEB; Program: VW310/6; Assembled: Wolfsburg #1, Germany; SOP: October 2023)
Chevrolet Equinox EV
(Platform: BEV3; Program: C223; Assembled: Ramos Arizpe #2, Mexico; SOP: September 2023)
Chevrolet Equinox
(Platform: VSS-F B/C; Program: D2UC-2; Assembled: Wuhan North, Mainland China; SOP: December 2023)
Peugeot 208
(Platform: CMP; Program: P21; Assembled: Zaragoza, Spain; SOP: September 2023)
Tesla Cybertruck
(Platform: Cybertruck; Program: Cybertruck; Assembled: Austin #2, United States; SOP: December 2023)
Hyundai Ioniq 5
(Platform: E-GMP; Program: NE1; Assembled: Beijing Shunyi III, Mainland China; SOP: April 2023)
Ford Transit Custom
(Platform: V4; Program: V710; Assembled: Yenikoy, Turkey; SOP: May 2023)
Lexus TX
(Platform: GA-K; Program: 220D; Assembled: Princeton West, United States; SOP: September 2023)
Polestar Polestar 4
(Platform: GPA; Program: P417; Assembled: Ningbo, Mainland China; SOP: November 2023)
Submission deadline: 12th September 2023

Here are some of the key pointers to help you navigate through the Car Cutaways program:

  • Ensure you take note of the month and year of the vehicles being surveyed when searching for vehicles.
  • By default, the latest survey month and year is automatically selected
  • You can toggle between the current and the previous surveys, in case you have missed submitting responses  
  • Easily submit responses for vehicles you supply to within the list, while submitting information for the rest of the vehicles can be skipped
  • In order to better locate your component and assign it to the selected vehicle, please enter your plant location country for each component/part/system/module/technology supplied  

Note: The vehicle details shown use S&P Global Mobility naming conventions. 

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