IHS Markit 2021 OEM-Supplier Relations Survey

Thank you for participating in the 11th edition of the SuRe (Supplier Relations) Index Report. This survey gives tier-one automotive suppliers an opportunity to express their views and opinions on their relationship with every major OEM.

The questions encompass a variety of aspects ranging from some more interpersonal elements (e.g. quality of communication) to commercial factors (e.g. demands for price reduction). This survey should take around 20 minutes to complete.

All answers will be treated confidentially and will only be presented in aggregated and anonymous form. No individual respondent or company name will be communicated to a third party.

All participants will receive a free report of the survey results that includes IHS Markit’s SuRe index ratings and carmaker rankings – our unique methodology to measure the quality of OEM-supplier relations on a quantitative basis.

There are seven sections to this survey:

Section 1: OEM selection. In this tab, you will be required to select the core OEMs you have working knowledge of and the share of business (%) they represent to your company.

You will then be asked to rank each OEM on a low-high scale on the following topics:

Section 2: Commercial aspects (price negotiations, ROI levels)

Section 3: Technology (R&D spend, innovation levels)

Section 4: Quality (cost versus quality demands)

Section 5: Development (testing, validation)

Section 6: Perception of OEMs (for clients and non-clients).

Section 7: Demographics. While all results will be aggregated in anonymous form, your name and professional work email address are required to authenticate survey responses. Details about your company are also kindly requested to help us ensure accurate and reliable results.

Please note:

  • You will be able to navigate through the different sections of the survey through the tabs. 
  • Participants that do not provide a valid corporate email address and/or name will not receive a free copy of the results and their answers will not be included in the study.
  • We will only consider respondents entries from companies that are supplying direct parts and/or in-vehicle software. Companies supplying consulting, software development or non-production solutions are advised that their responses will not be considered and they will not receive a free copy of the SuRe Index Report.

For further information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you for your collaboration,

The Automotive Supply Chain and Technology team at IHS Markit

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