Acoustics and sound technologies - The third dimension of UX

Acoustics and sound technologies - The third dimension of UX

Publication Date: 23-May-2022

The in-car audio and acoustic experience will likely be a key differentiator in the increasingly connected, electrified, and autonomous vehicles of today and the future. Sound management technologies are rapidly evolving as automakers look to add that X factor in their vehicles while enhancing the overall passenger experience.

Consumers today see their vehicles as an extension of their home and personality, and the nuances of that “perfect” audio system are being fully exploited by OEMs who see a lucrative, high-margin business opportunity in the offing. As these automotive OEMs scramble to ensure they provide sufficient audio choices to their customers, the market for both premium and standard audio systems is experiencing volume growth.

1. Overview
a) Report summary
b) Research methodology
c) Scope and definitions
d) Key findings

2. Technology analysis
a) Comparing 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way speakers
b) Coaxial vs. component speakers
c) Active noise cancellation (ANC)
d) Engine order cancellation (EOC)
e) Road noise cancellation (RNC)
f) Engine sound enhancement (ESE)
g) Surround/3D surround
h) Conversation enhancement
i) Separate sound zones
j) Speakerless audio
k) Headrest-based speakers
l) Amplifiers

3. Market analysis
a) Market drivers
b) Global automotive speaker demand
c) Regional speaker demand
d) Branded speaker demand by vehicle segment
e) ANC vs. non-ANC speaker demand
f) Automotive speaker demand by speaker count
g) Ultra-premium audio space

4. Supplier/OEM analysis
a) Top automotive speaker suppliers
b) OEM audio deployment strategies

5. Tier-1 supplier profiles

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