Automotive Infotainment Semiconductor Market Tracker - 2018

Automotive Infotainment Semiconductor Market Tracker - 2018

Publication Date: 07/03/2019

The infotainment semiconductor market tracker gives a comprehensive analysis of current infotainment and telematics architectures, taking into consideration the new trends in domain consolidation and silicon integration. Infotainment is the first vehicle domain where a clear ECU consolidation is being observed. Cockpit domain controllers are expected to quickly penetrate practically every region and vehicle segment, meaning that the shipments of traditional stand-alone infotainment ECUs will start to flatten out or even decrease from 2022. However, the infotainment semiconductor content per vehicle will continue growing in the next years driven by telematics and secure connectivity, innovative HMI technologies, the proliferation of displays and high-speed video networking, increasing memory requirements and improved processing capabilities with advanced multicore SoCs for graphics and wireless applications.

The database is delivered in a pivot table format, which can dynamically display views of the infotainment market by sub-domain and by system (ECU), with detailed revenue and units (shipments) of each semiconductor component. It is published twice a year and covers 23 infotainment systems belonging to 6 main sub-domains: cockpit domain controllers, head units, instrument clusters, telematics & connectivity, other IVI and aftermarket

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