Automotive Semiconductor Market Tracker -Q4 -2018

Automotive Semiconductor Market Tracker -Q4 -2018

Publication Date: 21/02/2019

The growth in 2018 was still close to 10%, but the downtrend will continue in 2019, decreasing to 6% and staying in mid to high single-digits in the following years. The demand for modern automotive and communications technologies such as hybrid and electric powertrains, advanced driver assistance systems,secure networks, and telematics guarantees a positive outlook in the mid to long term. In any case, the automotive semiconductor markets will continue growing faster than the overall semiconductor industry.Car sharing and autonomous driving revolutions are disrupting the whole supply chain and compelling the key automotive players to quickly adapt their survival strategy, establishing partnerships and alliances or even merging with former competitors. Although car factories are closing and jobs are being cut, the market for car electronics is still moving at a decent pace.

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