MEMS Market and Industry Update - 2017

MEMS Market and Industry Update - 2017

Publication Date: 02/06/2017

IHS Markit presents an update of the MEMS market and industry with a review of the top MEMS manufacturers in 2016. The second part of the presentation is focused on consumer markets. What can be learned from the past success stories such as motion sensors in handsets? IHS Markit also describes the dilemma of suppliers for consumer markets. The third part of the presentation addresses automotive MEMS. IHS Markit reviews winners and losers in 2016 as well as megatrends that impact the demand for MEMS and sensors in cars. In the fourth section, IHS Markit examines industrial internet of things (IoT) with the example of MEMS vibration sensing for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. 

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