Automotive Electronics Roadmap Report - H1 2016

Automotive Electronics Roadmap Report - H1 2016

Publication Date: 02/06/2016

This report is the first of a series of semi-annual roadmap reports.The roadmap reports provide a 10-year outlook for vehicle electronics architecture, sensors, and semiconductor technologies.

  • This series of reports examines how electronic systems and architecture will alter in the next 10 years in light of the requirements and challenges of the car of the future.
  • Specifically, IHS looks at how electronic control unit (ECU) architecture and system scalability evolves over this period, for example, in view of domain controllers, the effects of sensor multiplication, integration of ECUs, processing developments, centralized or distributed systems, etc. IHS evaluates changes in networking technology and its impact on vehicle weight and cost.
  • This series of reports also evaluates how emerging semiconductor and sensors could change the feature-set and architectures of cars in the next decade.
  • In this report, IHS is also tracking start-ups and technology companies to monitor the topics mentioned above.
  • The H1 2016 report includes featured analysis on infotainment (smart antennas), autonomous driving (deep learning, sensor fusion, and camera architecture), and powertrain (Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride for HEV).
  • New featured analysis will be developed in every edition. The planned topics for the H2 2016 roadmap reports include, for instance, solid-state LIDAR technologies, cyber security, battery-less wireless sensors, Ethernet, etc. 
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