Power electronics - New technologies and supplier dynamics

Power electronics - New technologies and supplier dynamics

Publication Date: 29/10/2021

This report provides insight into the growth of the automotive power electronics sector that is expected to grow alongside the burgeoning alternate vehicle propulsion market.

It analyses technological developments with respect to major power electronics components and tracks their growth over the next six years. Major OEM trends on usage of these components and their sourcing strategy will also be discussed, alongside that of the supplier base.

The following is an update of "The Impact of High Voltage Alternative Propulsion Systems on Power Electronics" report published by IHS Markit in 2019.

1. Overview
a) Executive summary
b) Research methodology
c) Electric vehicle market overview

2. Light vehicle electrification fundamentals
a) Propulsion system design
b) System voltage
c) Px definition

3. Technology fundamentals
a) Overview
b) Inverter
c) DC/DC converter
d) Onboard charger
e) Charging connector
f) Wireless charging

4. Technology trends
a) Inverters
b) DC/DC converters
c) Onboard chargers
d) Charging connectors

5. Regional trends
a) Overview
b) Inverters
c) DC/DC Converters
d) Onboard chargers
e) Charging connectors

6. OEM sourcing analysis
a) Toyota
b) Volkswagen Group
c) Suzuki
d) Hyundai
e) Daimler
f) Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi
g) Stellantis
h) Tesla
i) Honda
j) BYD

7. Supplier analysis
a) Market share
b) Toyota Industries
d) Continental
e) Bosch
f) Hyundai MOBIS
g) Valeo

8. Key takeaways

9. Supplier profiles

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